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Foldimate - HoMate™

Foldimate - HoMate™

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Foldimate will iron and fold your laundry piles in record time

No longer endure the hard and exhausting work of ironing and folding laundry. Announced since 2016, Foldimate robot is finally available on the market and it’s a game-changer. Equipped with the latest technological automation, it is capable of ironing, folding and sterilizing up to 25 linens in 5 minutes.

 You will save a lot of time to do other, more fulfilling tasks and spend more quality time with your loved ones.

Suitable for all types and sizes of laundry and fitted sheets

Foldimate is compatible with all laundry (pants, covers, t-shirts, towels, fitted sheets, etc.) and all clothing sizes (S to 6 XL).

Large piles of clothes to fold will be a thing of the past, your house will be tidier and you will be less anxious.

So simple to use that everyone will love it and can use it

How to use Foldimate ( device dimensions: 125*60*70cm)
1) Simply position the laundry on the upper tray of the machine at collar level for shirts and tshirts or flat for other laundry: the mechanism will trigger and your laundry will arrive ironed, folded and sterilized in the bottom drawer of the machine.

2) Rest or relax while waiting for the drawer at the bottom to be full to remove your pile of folded, ironed and sterilized laundry



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